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Empower Community Actions (ECA) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which was registered on August 2016 ECA now provides high quality research, training,consultancies and guidance for reflection and learning to civil society organizations and their partners on microfinance, enterprise development andcommunity development initiatives.

Our Core Values


We commit one another’s efforts to succeed. We believe that our works and those of allies together we achieve mutual goals. Hence; we work in partnership in designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of different interventions;


We take responsibility for our decisions, actions and use good judgment in the use of financial and material resources entrusted to us, and account for the use and results of these to the stakeholders for and with whom we work. We effectively and faithfully fulfil our roles as agreed with allies. We promote transparency in all our dealing with partners, staff, donors and others and become accountable to the communities we serve;


We recognize and value the worth, potential and dignity of every human being. We treat others with tolerance, empathy and fairness while recognizing the intrinsic worth and dignity of all people. We support mentoring based on mutual respect and providing opportunities for individuals to work for and shape their development;


We aim to work in a manner, which brings about positive change, both in our achievement of long-term and lasting goals, and in our use of resources. We effectively work in networks and build alliances and teams across programs in support of our common purpose while demonstrating innovation and creativity in our work and learn from experience of our previous works;


We recognize and value the diversity of life. We seek to promote tolerance, understanding and equity amongst people and between people and other forms of life. We encourage and promote gender equity and diversity in ethnicity, race, religion, disability and nationality in the workplace. We recognize and value unique contribution of each individual staff member, community and partner.

Our Team - Empower Community Action Tanzania (ECA)

Our Team works very hard to find better means to serve vulnerable community



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